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Pushing on a string? The link between the minimum wage and productivity growth

Can the minimum wage be used as a tool to increase the level of productivity in the economy?

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Slow and Low: Why Is Productivity Growth Flatlining?

Productivity growth has stalled – are we measuring it wrong? Or can we really do less with more? The service economy and inequality might be to blame.

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Why Cities Are The Solution To The Populist Wave

Simon Kuper wrote an excellent commentary this weekend on why journalists need to get out of their city bubbles and talk to real citizens who represent more typical life experiences. As he notes, “Today, most remaining journalists live in metropolitan enclaves such as Brooklyn, north London and central Paris, and look like the elites they cover.” It’s difficult to understand how a voter in Iowa feels if you live/work/play all within two miles of Fort Greene.

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Private Equity, Mitt Romeny, and Donald Trump: Lessons in Inconsistency

Watch any given night of coverage leading up to the Iowa Caucus, and you wish for those halcyon days of the Romney/Ryan tickets: two clearly smart people with quite different, yet relevant, skill sets, running as the GOP ticket. While one day Mitt’s dangerous streak was on full display – he could get pinpoint his message with full detail without seeming pedantic or professorial, like Obama – the next day, he seemed to have all the grace of a three year old petting a puppy.

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Share-based Compensation at Tech Companies: How Twitter Is Exploring Uncharted Territory

Tech companies love share-based compensation – but how risky is it to employees?

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The Myth of the “Wage Gap Myth”

The opening line of the Wall Street Journal op/ed “The ‘Wage Gap Myth’ That Won’t Die” yesterday reads, “When it comes to economically foolish laws, California is second to none.” Fine, and the author, Sarah Ketterer, goes on to cite plenty of statistics that show that the wage gap is essentially non-existent.

Except, it is still very much existent, and in danger of getting much worse.

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4 Ways the AB InBev SAB Miller Merger Could Clear Regulatory Hurdles

Because they take $7 out of every $10 of beer sold in the United States, it’s hard to feel bad for AB InBev and SAB Miller.

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The Game Theorist and the Coal Miner: How Regulations Could Save America’s Coal Industry

The “War on Coal” isn’t a matter of government regulations. It is about an outdated energy source, and technology is its only hope for survival.

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The Oklahoma Economy Is Obviously Dependent On Oil, But Its Real Estate Market Is REALLY Dependent

The Oklahoma economy has done extremely well in recent years with the oil and gas boom. It’s real estate market has followed in lockstep. Continue reading

Amazon Is Not Just A Better Managed Sears

Retail Analyst Burt Flickinger said Sears would be Amazon if it were better managed. They aren’t even good comparisons – Amazon has a completely different model.

Last week on Bloomberg Surveillance, Burt Flickinger made the comment that “Had Sears been better managed, would be what Amazon is today.” Continue reading

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