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On Real Estate Finance: How Pension Plan Investments Make Savers Choose Between Today and Tomorrow

Pensions are big providers of real estate finance. But what happens when portfolio managers must choose between returns and beneficiaries livelihoods?

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Rent Regulation and the Travails of the New York Real Estate Developer (And I Don’t Mean Donald Trump)

Rent regulation and restrictive building policies have long been two qualities of New York real estate. But if you eliminate one, you can eliminate both.

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Vancouver Housing Is More Affordable Than You Think – As Long As You Don’t Mind Renting

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world to buy a home. But that doesn’t put living there out of reach for many potential residents.

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Calling A Private Equity Manager To Fix A Leaky Pipe: How Financialization Is Skewing The Housing Market

The financialization of real estate have been a winner for investors, but what does it mean for the long-term health of the economy?
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Why Cities Are The Solution To The Populist Wave

Simon Kuper wrote an excellent commentary this weekend on why journalists need to get out of their city bubbles and talk to real citizens who represent more typical life experiences. As he notes, “Today, most remaining journalists live in metropolitan enclaves such as Brooklyn, north London and central Paris, and look like the elites they cover.” It’s difficult to understand how a voter in Iowa feels if you live/work/play all within two miles of Fort Greene.

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The Oklahoma Economy Is Obviously Dependent On Oil, But Its Real Estate Market Is REALLY Dependent

The Oklahoma economy has done extremely well in recent years with the oil and gas boom. It’s real estate market has followed in lockstep. Continue reading

On Hedge Funder Paul Singer’s Inflation Comments – No, Hamptons real estate prices aren’t “hyperinflationary”

Hedge fund manager Paul Singer warned of understated inflation risks by telling us to look at Hamptons property prices. So we did.

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Housing Market And Jobs: Why A Return To Housing Normalcy May Hurt The Construction Labor Market

September home construction data show strength in the housing market. This may not actually benefit the construction labor market, though.

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Are Cracks Forming in the Canadian Economy? Oil and Housing Data Say Yes

The Canadian economy, which held up better than most other rich countries during the financial crisis, may falter with poor oil and housing prospects. Continue reading

Will Millennials crush the U.S. housing market?

As Millennials become an increasingly large portion of the workforce, how will the housing market react, especially as older Americans retire and, eventually, pass on their assets to younger Americans (to put it diplomatically).

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