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Share-based Compensation at Tech Companies: How Twitter Is Exploring Uncharted Territory

Tech companies love share-based compensation – but how risky is it to employees?

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4 Ways the AB InBev SAB Miller Merger Could Clear Regulatory Hurdles

Because they take $7 out of every $10 of beer sold in the United States, it’s hard to feel bad for AB InBev and SAB Miller.

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Poorer Americans eat far fewer fruits and vegetables. You can blame income inequality.

The poorest Americans eat a fraction of the fruits and vegetables of the richest Americans, even though they spend proportionately more. Is income inequality to blame?

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Wage growth has stalled. Blame your Governor/Mayor/Congressperson.

We’ve seen persistent weak wage growth in the United States. Fiscal policy is likely to blame.

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The Game Theorist and the Coal Miner: How Regulations Could Save America’s Coal Industry

The “War on Coal” isn’t a matter of government regulations. It is about an outdated energy source, and technology is its only hope for survival.

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Dennis Gartman Says Invest In Commodity Stocks – Experience Suggests Otherwise

Dennis Gartman is a proponent of commodities/commodity stocks. Replacing broad equity exposure with commodity exposure has proven a risky strategy, though.

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