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German Demand For EU Austerity: It’s Bad, But German Politics Are The Biggest Threat To The EU

Germany’s Demand for EU Austerity is wrong – but internal politics may be the catalyst that threatens the EU project

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How Will Urban Policy Affect Emerging Market Economic Convergence?

Urban policy is essential to future emerging market growth, forced by a shift toward city-based knowledge industries and services, away from manufacturing.

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The Grossly Misguided Myth of “Post-Industrial America”

The narrative of “Post-Industrial America” – with jobs and production have been shipped overseas – is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

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The Already-Robust U.S. Labor Market Just Keeps Improving

Today’s JOLTS reading suggests a healthy U.S. labor market, forcing Janet Yellen and the Fed to increase interest rates sooner than expected.

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Want To Increase U.S. Trade Competitiveness? Import More From Mexico

Increased trade with Mexico provides not only a huge export market, but drives down our own production costs, increasing U.S. trade competitiveness.

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6 Degrees Of Geopolitcal Separation: Franz Ferdinand to ISIS

June 28th marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which, of course, became the catalyst that ultimately led to World War I.

Today, the United States is debating on what measures, if any, to take in Iraq, where the Sunni-aligned Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) have been toppling weak defense forces of the Shia government, are are slowly making their way toward Baghdad. Continue reading

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